Recognize and manage your tools quickly and easily thanks to Scan4Tools. The application captures all content information during check-in and check-out, whereby all tool information (e.g. archive number and run quantity) is automatically stored. This enables the ideal compilation of the tools required for your printing works with continuous monitoring for all production jobs.

Perfect order

Precise placing of your plates

Scan4Tools ensures your printing plates/printing tool storage is tidy. Our software can completely take over jobs which previously had to be carried out using detailed or less-detailed Excel lists. This will turn your printing plate storage into a modern, well-organised magazine in which you can find everything you need straight away.

2D code on every printing plate

A tiny code on each printing plate guarantees the unique allocation of a tool number and storage location. The Scan4Tools system scanner records this data and incorporates it in the software. This means that you can call up the condition and use of every printing plate/printing tool even after archiving and find it quickly and easily in your storage area when you want to reuse it.